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Thousand Years

The moon sits

Like a firstborn whose place has been taken

By her father’s sun

Simply because she is a woman

August night is her birthnight

And no star is here to give her wishes

Even the ducks have turned their backs on her

Take solace, opalescent moon

Breathless and sultry

On a humid August night

For Eugenia writes you thousand consolations

Exquisite poetry

To be sung for a thousand years


11 responses to “Thousand Years”

  1. Beautiful piece, Benjamin .💕

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  2. Lovely personification, Benjamin ❤


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  3. Brilliant piece and I agree with David, lovely personification. Thank you! 💖

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    1. Welcome and Thank you too for your encouraging words!

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  4. Very very lovely poem.

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    1. Thank you, my dear. 💕 💕


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