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Tips for runners

You will rise one day. And when you do, people will envy you.

They won’t remember your sleepless nights, days of starvation, days you’ve been broke.

All they will see, will be the comfort that seemed to have come to you so easily and how disadvantaged they are, to just sit and stare.

Not all of them will just sit and stare. There will be some who will rise and compete, not competition in a healthy sense.

To these people, ‘competition’ is any means to get you out of their way. You remind them of their failures, incapabilities, and the long hard road still ahead for them.

You need to set a very long distance between you and these people. Not by shunning their company, but by taking time to go the extra mile in your preparations towards the top. Don’t be too in a hurry to make it.

Take time, step by step, day by day, dedicate yourself to quality training.

One day many who wish to take your place will join the race towards whatever goal you’ve set for yourself. Their aim is not to reach there together with you. Your quality preparations today will make you outshine your competition tomorrow.

There’s a certain stage in life you reach where the mic to your lips is put off. No matter how loud you scream, nobody hears you. Only achievements speak.

It is at this stage you realize the true value of quality preparation.

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