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You are going somewhere

Tomorrow has brighter opportunities for you than today has, but tomorrow is less forgiving of your mistakes than today is.

With time, you meet better and more influential friends. Certain selling out you did in your past, some nasty words that occasionally slip from your mouth in anger, learn your lessons and bury here, today, right now, these aspects of you that won’t help you grow.

Because you are going somewhere. That somewhere is less forgiving of many offences you’re committing today and getting by.

Don’t disgrace yourself tomorrow by repeating the mistakes you’re committing today. They may cost you dearly. You might lose valuable friends and connections.

Your life won’t remain like this. Brighter days ahead. Make this struggle count.

Don’t let one silly mistake you’ve forgotten to parcel and gift to your past, embarrass you tomorrow when your past shows up to claim what rightfully belongs to it.


6 responses to “You are going somewhere”

  1. Fabulous and inspiring post, Benjamin. Truly enjoyed 💕

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    1. Thank you so much, Grace.

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  2. “Never be a prisoner of your past”. Lovely Post 😍🔥

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    1. Thanks so much for making time to read and comment. I deeply appreciate it.


    2. You are right, we must never be prisoners of our past.


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