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Recycled Clown

Mistakes are like unplanned pregnancies. The womb does not discriminate which child to contain and which one to reject on the basis that it was by accident.

The womb gives equal care to all because whether by accident or by choice, every unborn child has the potential to grow into a full human, without any special mark on their forehead, distinguishing the planned from the unplanned when they are born.

Sometimes, the pregnancies that seem to meet all the right conditions for abortion are the ones when we keep, produce some of the greatest heroes in history.

Like parents who must accept and make their unplanned babies feel at home, make your mistakes feel at home. Don’t wish you never made them. They have the potential to grow into the results your best decisions give you, if you know how to nurture them.

From the perspective of a baby, parents who refuse to accept and nurture them are clowns. These clowns become recycled into useful, loving parents when they make room for the unplanned baby just like they would have done for any other child.

Don’t be a clown. Love your mistakes.


8 responses to “Recycled Clown”

    1. Thanks so much, Luisa.


  1. Sometimes this is a tricky topic, but I hear you Benjamin.

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    1. True. It’s a tricky topic, especially the issue of abortion.
      Some mistakes are such that we wish we could tear them off the pages of our memory. But some of the ugliest moments can be turning points in our lives, it all depends on what we make of those moments.

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      1. Yep, my husband’s mom had him when she was 16. Thank God she kept him.

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