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Risks run the city

Take more risks. It is the gateway to growth and expansion.You may tailor it to the size of your faith and rename it as calculated risks, but take it anyway.

What is a life without much to look back on and laugh? What is a personality without occasionally throwing neatness and decency out the window and enjoying mess?

We were designed to stand on our feet by rising and falling. So don’t be afraid to fall.

You stunt your growth when you are always afraid  to make moves. It could be a chance to date someone, it could be combining jobs, it could be trying a new concept, it could be moving to another country. It is good to be thoughtful and realistic in planning your future, but there are just days you close your eyes and move. It will sound insane. But move.

Nothing truly great will happen to you without you risking your comfort and peace of mind sometimes.


6 responses to “Risks run the city”

  1. These are words of truth. I life there are times that we have to be bold, daring, courageous and act spontaneously.

    Often during those times we receive momentous life-changing events we didn’t expect that actually turn out for the better.

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    1. You are absolutely right. Insightful commentary you just made and I deeply appreciate your taking the time to read and comment.

      We indeed have to be bold, it’s the way we can receive momentous life-changing events we didn’t expect.

      We cannot achieve certain victories without moving out of our comfort zones. We must take risks, calculated ones of course.

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  2. I get scared until I remember my faith in God. ♥️

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    1. If God is your confidence, you have no reason to fear. I am happy to hear about your faith in Him. You’ve made no mistake.

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      1. Amen! Thank you for reiterating this Truth. ♥️
        The world is cruel and I worry for my loved ones who are “Christians”, but are also distracted by worldly influences. 😢

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  3. Sometimes, when God tells us to not go in a certain direction, we don’t see why and He leaves us alone. When we cruise through worldliness and crush and are sinking, we begin to understand why God forbade us from heading in that direction.

    He is merciful. He forgives us. It is after crushing and being rescued by God that some Christians appreciate what it truly means to abide in Christ and follow His ways.


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