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Wealth is a mindset

Wealth is a mindset. It has absolutely nothing to do with assets or the amount of money in your pocket.

Think of whatever you have ever acquired as your marbles on a checkerboard. If you are not smart enough, you will lose it all to your opponent. That opponent can be the tendency to compare your achievements to those of others, thereby robbing yourself of joy and a sense of fulfillment.

That opponent can be low self-esteem that makes you think an opportunity is too high for you and should go to others better than you. That opponent can be someone who sees opportunity where you see problems. That opponent can be fear, being afraid to try something new, or too much worry about tomorrow.

If you must be truly wealthy, rule out the concept of tomorrow from your thinking. Plan for the future, but sometimes throw your greatest fears out the window and focus on the moment, and live like tomorrow doesn’t exist.

Wealth is a mindset. A mindset that there is no limit to the amount of wealth that you can acquire. A mindset that nobody is more special than you and should be given first place while you relegate yourself to second place. A mindset that refuses to believe that God has destined some people to be rich and others to be poor. A mindset that you can go deep inside your being and draw out innovative ideas mankind hasn’t realized yet.

A mindset that a mandate lies on your shoulders, a legacy of ideas and technological advancements passed on to you from your fathers, to make your nation and God proud by going all out and giving your very best to your Life Assignment.

Wealth is a mindset. A mindset that you have no limits.


6 responses to “Wealth is a mindset”

  1. I like this! It is so true, sometimes our biggest opponent is ourselves. Always second guessing and doubting ourselves. Once we get our that mindset, we can accomplish so much. Love it 💕💕.

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    1. Thanks so much, Janice. I am glad you liked it.

      You are right. Once we stop second-guessing and doubting ourselves, we can accomplish so much.

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  2. Thanks for this reminder. It really is true that the mind is limitless. Yes, it may require a lot of work to get there, but the thing that’s most worth our investment is our mind. Thanks for this post, Benjamin!

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    1. You are welcome! Stuart. You were the first person to comment on my first post last year August when I started blogging. I haven’t forgotten your name and the kind words you wrote as feedback on my first post.

      Thank you once again and thank you for this comment. You are right, our mind is the resource that is most worth our investment.


      1. I was? I’m so honoured to be back, then! There’s no denying the quality of your posts if I’m always attracted to click on the headlines. Keep on keeping on, and thanks for making my day with your reply!

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